The Pet Safe Coalition

The Pet Safe Coalition’s mission:- Helping educate and prepare pet owners for emergencies with their pets

The Pet Safe Coalition is an all-volunteer organization and was originally created in 1998 as a working idea to assist the overlooked pet populations from disasters.  It wasn’t until 2005 that the Coalition was officially founded, and at the time, recognized as the very first County Animal Response Team (CART) in New York State. To this day, it remains the only organization in Nassau County, New York, that specifically deals with emergency management and disaster mitigation for animals.

Their goals are to:

•  Raise awareness among pet owners that the primary responsibility for pets in disasters rests with themselves.

•  Inform and educate pet owners about emergency preparedness.

•  Encourage cooperation in planning and activation of emergency response among citizens, animal-interest groups, local businesses, and government officials.

•  Provide emergency sheltering on a limited and temporary basis of pets of Nassau County pet owners whose own plans fall through in the imminent approach of disastrous conditions.

Remember that preparedness includes having proper visible ID on your pets at all times. Visible ID is the all-important first line of defense in getting your frightened pet back to you, directly and as quickly as possible without the need for your pet to take precious space in overcrowded rescues and shelters.

The trauma associated with such a disaster is a lot for your pet to deal with so try to help them to get home as quickly as possible. If the worst happens you are unavoidably separated, giving your animal a special Pet Safe Coalition blanketID tag will provide extra help to get them returned. If you can’t be found, it will at least provide guidance so that they can receive proper care and attention.

Importantly, sales of this tag, and every membership renewal generates funds for the Pet Safe Coalition to help raise awareness and save more lives. So you’re not just protecting your pet, you’re helping others too.

Contact The Pets Safe Coalition for info and a tag or us if you have any questions. To read more about our FundsForever program click here or contact us for further information.