the benefits

A blanketID tag offers a host of advantages in the nightmare event that a pet goes missing. Nothing else can offer this level of protection.


Anyone finding your pet can find you quickly. No need to trust that someone will take your pet to a vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip. You get your pet back faster.

Access to vital information

A usual ID tag contains just a name and phone number. A blanketID tag gives easy access to anything and everything you want to tell to someone who finds your pet.

Multiple contact numbers

Now you don’t have to limit yourself to just one number. Add numbers for your cell phone, family contacts, neighbors, friends and your vet’s number.


Vets details

Add your vet’s details in case your pet is found injured or in distress.



Vital care instructions

If your pet has a medical condition or allergy, the finder will see the details immediately and follow your guidance to seek appropriate treatment and care.


Care and handling

Does your pet need special treatment because of an ailment or allergy? Is there a special way you’d like your pet cared for? Simply add the details to your pet’s profile.

Always up to date

Because your information is held securely online, you can update it whenever you choose. In this way your pet’s ID is always up to date, relevant and useful.



You can even change your information after your pet has been lost if you need to. (Think: add a new phone number or update a medical detail).


Automatic email broadcast

When you report your pet lost at blanketID, a broadcast email is immediately sent to our database of Shelters, Pounds, Rescue organizations, SPCA locations and other BlanketID members within 15 miles of where you report your pet went missing.

Photo Identification

Because our broadcast email contains a photo of your pet, there is a chance for it to be identified even if it has lost its collar and tag.


Notification email

BlanketID automatically sends you details of all the locations that have been sent the broadcast email. Now you can make follow up calls to keep the search alive.


Found pet email

If someone logs in with your pet’s blanketID tag number, you are immediately sent an email notification with their contact details.



If you travel with your pet, you can change your contact details to your current address at any time. Now if your pet gets lost while you’re travelling you can make sure that any calls are directed to where you are and not to your home.

Covers North America

Your blanketID tag will work anywhere in the world, currently our broadcast email only operates throughout North America.


Posters and flyers

You can print your own LOST poster directly from your printer. This poster is automatically created by Your poster can double as a flyer for local distribution.

The only tag you ever need

Because your information can be changed online, you never need to change your tag.



Simply change your online details to transfer your tag to any pet.



You help others

Money from every blanketID tag and membership goes to our Blanket Fund for Animals to help sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets to have a second chance at life.

It’s comfortable and Lightweight

Our tags weigh just 5 grams (that’s the weight of two pennies) they’re small (1 inch high by 1/2 inch wide) and noiseless. BlanketID tags are proudly 100% made in North America.

Quality and Gorgeous too!

ID doesn’t have to be ugly! Choose from 41 designs to suit your pet’s personality! Our tags are made from quality materials and are a perfect for any size pet, they are silent, scratch resistant, waterproof and made to last a lifetime.