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Blanket ID – a new breed of Pet Identification

Martin Hubbard
Cate Hubbard

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In addition to providing a great looking ID tag, we deliver a seriously effective solution to the problem of losing a pet. Regardless of how your pet gets lost, we strive to make sure that they get home safely and quickly.

A blanketID tag carries a unique number that is linked to your pet’s profile that you store securely at When you create your pet’s profile you can add any and all information that you would like someone to know if they found your pet.

You can include your pet’s medical details, allergies, dietary requirements, care instructions, additional emergency contact numbers and you can also upload a photo. Now anyone finding your pet has instant 24/7 access to these vital details by simply entering the tag’s number at

If you move or change your phone number, you can easily update these details online. This is great for travelers as you can change your address online whenever you need to. If you lose your pet while travelling, it’s no use having someone phone your home, they need to know where you are now.

If you report your pet lost, blanketID automatically sends your pet’s photo and details by broadcast email to shelters, animal hospitals and SPCA offices within a 15 mile radius of where you last saw your pet. Local blanketID members are also included in this broadcast.

As a member, you can review and update your pet’s photo and details to make sure that they are current before the email broadcast is sent. To help you, blanketID also sends you an email detailing who has been notified so that you can make follow up calls if you choose to. You can also print a customized “lost pet” poster directly from the site to get the word out quickly.

Remember, our lost pet broadcast contains a photo of your pet. Now there is a chance for it to be identified even if it has lost its collar and tag.

A blanketID tag is a highly visible and secure way to give access to the information that you want anyone finding your pet to know. It’s a simple way to ensure that your pet has the best chance of being found, identified and safely returned to you as quickly as possible. It’s also smart-looking, waterproof, scratch resistant and noiseless and its light weight makes it perfect for any size of animal. BlanketID tags are a quality product and 100% made in North America.

When you protect your pets with a blanketID tag your support directly helps animals in need via our Blanket Fund for Animals. More than 15% of our profits go into this fund.


In January 2011 Blanket expanded a new type of partnership initiative to help raise funds for animal-related non-profit organizations. This new program is called ‘FundsForever’ and is designed to allow companies and retailers to create an on-going stream of funds for selected animal welfare organizations.
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