Heeling Dog Walks

Heeling Dog Walks was founded in 2009 by Steven & Jennifer Campbell. It all began after they adopted their healing dog Angel from the SPCA while Steven was fighting Cancer. Together the three of them share their love of dogs, exercise, the outdoors and socializing in their everyday life. So, while Steven was in recovery this amazing couple put their hearts and souls into starting a unique dog walking business, believing that the patient is not the only one affected by a Cancer diagnosis. This generous company started with the desire to help others faced with the adversity of fighting Cancer and they dedicate an hour of each day to walk the dog of any cancer patient who is undergoing treatment or is faced with the inability to walk their best friend themselves.

In addition to professional boarding, in-house sitting, puppy drop-ins and tuck-ins they offer special adventure hikes! Your dog can take part in an adventure walk with a certified trainer that also addresses the issues of discipline, exercise, training and socialization.

As you probably know our new ‘FundsForever’ program is designed to allow companies, retailers and animal welfare organizations to create an on-going stream of funds for selected animal welfare organizations.

Heeling Dog Walks has chosen the BC Cancer Foundation as the beneficiary for funds raised from the FundsForever Program. At the moment, as a special welcome to Heeling Dog Walks, the company offers a free $20 gift card with the purchase of one of their special FundsForever blanketID tags – A great offer from a great company!

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