Adopt-a-Less Adoptable Pet

Thanks to Petfinder many pet blogs out there have been featuring this important issue and highlighting what makes a pet less adoptable. The blind, the deaf, the old, whether they are black or just plain shy – there are so many reasons. Petfinder has devoted this week to giving attention to those pets that are often overlooked at shelters and rescue groups for breed specifics, special needs, age, and other factors.

During my time blogging, facebooking etc. I have made lots of friends who have rescued less adoptable pets, and although they do have some issues, each of them has turned out to be so rewarding. I always think about our shy and frightened little Milly who, with lots of nurturing, has turned turned into a loving cat with a personality larger than life. Yes, she still has her problems, but she’s incredibly happy and to think her only flaw that condemned her to eight months in a shelter was that something awful had made her fearful of humans! So, not just for this week, but always, bear in mind all our little friends out there that are considered less adoptable could do with some love, a family to be part of and a human to adore!

Petfinder has a gallery of gorgeous pets, and please be sure to give them your support and visit their Facebook page!