Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Society is located in Utah and is the largest animal sanctuary in the U.S.. Established in 1984, the sanctuary today is home to approximately 2,000 abused and abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals from all over the country. Many are adopted quickly into loving homes, but others, who are perhaps older or ailing, or who have suffered extra trauma and aren’t easily adopted, are given loving care in the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

The Best Friends Network reaches across the whole of North America and also around the world by helping communities set up spay/neuter programs, shelters and foster and adoption programs.

We were excited to attend the national “No More Homeless Pets” conference at the end of October. It was an absolutely amazing experience and very inspiring to be in the company of some fabulous people who had dedicated their lives to helping animals in need. Attending the talks and learning about the huge positive changes that many shelters and rescues have been able to accomplish was truly a heartwarming experience.

It’s easy to see that without the vision, collaboration, passion and sharing that surrounds this famous organization animal welfare would not be advancing as it is today.

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