Introducing The Lounge Collar

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The Lounge Collar from blanketWe have a few surprises up our sleeves, and today we are letting you know about one of them that is very exciting! We are expanding our range and extending our store  to include extra items that will continue to be added over time.

The first item does need a little explanation, so here goes…

We all know how nice it is to get home and slip into your favorite something comfortable so that you can curl up and relax. So, here’s a thought – don’t you think your pet might feel the same?

Clearly, many people do, and that’s why they often remove their pet’s collar at home. However, after studying our lost pet statistics, (and a very surprising statistic emerged)  it became clear to us that most pets actually go missing right from the house and back yard – a place where many of them aren’t wearing any collar or ID!  You might think you have a close eye on them, but the door left ajar while you were doing something else, a gate left open or a just a plain crafty escape – it all adds up to an astonishing fact that 89% of our missing members vanish from home and that’s exactly when they don’t have their tags on!

So, how can you make your pet nice and comfy without separating them from their essential ID? Well, it has been staring at us right in the face -

 The Lounge Collar…

The Lounge Collar from blanket

For their comfort

Imagine the feel of one of our soft, supple and lightweight Lounge Collars. Each one lovingly handcrafted from four or eight strands of soft Kangaroo leather, they are beautifully designed, and worn with a looser fit for maximum comfort – in fact they won’t even realize they have it on!

Lose the tight, heavy outdoor buckled collar and kick back in style!

The Lounge Collar from blanket

 For their protection where it’s needed most

A Lounge Collar is much more than just style and comfort. A Lounge Collar means that your pet can wear ID at all times without sacrificing their comfort, it’s noiseless, so no jangling tags and it just makes perfect sense, or as we like to say,

“Relax, we’ve got you covered.”

We have Loop and Ball, Slipper in Tan and Natural, Loop, Slim Slipper and Custom

All collars are braided around 150lb test core and intended for ID only. They should not be used with a leash, but can withstand the outdoors and some rough and tumble!

Crafted from a high quality tight weave leather, they are safe to wear with another collar or harness. So, if want to keep them on whilst out on walkies they are tough enough too!

A great way to keep ID on your pet, they are thin and lightweight for maximum comfort. 

The Lounge Collar from blanket

The Lounge Collar from blanket

We know how important it is to keep your pet coordinated. So, why not create your own custom collar to suit your blanket ID tag! With 12 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect combination. Available in all our collar ranges, Slipper, Loop and Ball, Loop and Slim Slipper

100% Quality made in North America for a lifetime of safe, comfortable napping.



Lounge Collars from blanket

The Lounge Collar from blanket

 The Lounge Collar from blanket

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4 Responses to “Introducing The Lounge Collar”

  1. Lola The PItty

    15. Dec, 2013

    I love these!! They look so adorable and my motto is that my pup can never have too many collars, haha.

    • cate

      16. Dec, 2013

      Thanks Lola!

  2. What a great idea. I must admit, Ammo goes “nude” at night because he’s much more comfortable without a collar. Love this alternative to keep them safe!



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