Snugalicious Kitty

Posted on 02. May, 2012 by in beds, cats, pet lifestyle


I have a big suspicion that this cat really loves her felted house. Recently there has been a bit of a splurge on felted cat caves and when I saw these particular ones by Grazim and Elevele I knew that the designs would be a big hit with Poppet – mainly because there’s nothing that Poppet likes more than to hide or be under something – and these make the best hidey holes. Both of the designs I’ve featured today are from Lithuania and it seems they both know how to make kitty feel very snugalicious! The small opening, (although, this one here is too small for Poppet) and enclosed space is what makes it attractive as a purrfect place to play, hide and eventually nap. Created  from a natural wool, all you need to do is provide the diameter, height, opening size (and even the colour) and it will be done in 3 days! It’s obvious from these cute pictures how much this kitty loves her home.




The second from Elevele is the ultimate in comfort. Made from 100% merino wool it’s pebble appearance would look just snazzy in any home and with that neat little pad for extra comfort – perfection!





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