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Victoria Adoptables started it’s days in 2005 initially as a website for rescue organizations, shelters and pounds in Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to post animals in need of homes in the hope of increasing adoptions. Currently there are 25 rescue organizations that post animals for adoption on this site.

Victoria Adoptables Dog Rescue was formed later, in 2007, as an all-volunteer non-profit organization that rescues stray and abandoned dogs from pounds and small communities up and down Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island dogs are always their priority but if you cast your mind back to when I posted about dogs rescued from a kill shelter in California in need of foster homes, you will know that Victoria Adoptables Dog Rescue doesn’t believe animal rescue stops at the border. They do whatever they can, and if they have the room, foster homes and funds, they will take on dogs slated for euthanization. The Victoria Adoptables website includes dogs that a variety of organizations have brought to Victoria from several U.S. states, Kuwait, Taiwan and Mexico.

Their policy is to provide stray/abandoned dogs with vet care, spay/neuter, healthy food and a caring foster home until they are adopted. As everyone is aware, all this requires a lot of funding, so now we are extremely proud that Victoria Adoptables Dog Rescue is the latest organization to join our FundsForever program.

Every dog now adopted through VA Dog Rescue will be leaving them with a blanket ID tag and not only does it help to protect the dog in case he/she goes missing, but it helps others.

Our ‘FundsForever’ program is designed to help companies, retailers and animal welfare organizations to create an on-going stream of funds for selected animal welfare organizations. A portion of the memberships from each VA tag will ‘forever’ go back to Victoria Adoptables to help fund their great work. When everybody gives a little a whole lot of good can be done…

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7 Responses to “Victoria Adoptables Dog Rescue”

  1. Krazy4pets

    02. Jun, 2011

    Thanks BlanketID for this program. It is awesome!

    • cate

      02. Jun, 2011

      Thanks Padi – we really hope it helps!

  2. michelle

    02. Jun, 2011

    What a fantastic Idea! Can any rescue join this program?

  3. Victoria Adoptables

    02. Jun, 2011

    We at Victoria Adoptables Dog Rescue are delighted to be part of this program.

    Thank you Cate for helping us with the design. Its not unusual for VA dogs to meet each other at parks, training classes etc., so the tags also help to identify our wonderful “VA’s”

    We believe our foster homes are the backbone of rescue and can’t thank them enough for providing the love, security and patience so that these dogs can be adopted into loving homes.

    ~ Carol

  4. Ashley

    02. Jun, 2011

    Every post you’ve made about the ForeverFunds just makes my heart get all warm and fuzzy. I love, love, love that all the VA pups not only will find their forever homes, but will also be protected that they will be able to be reunited with that home in case they go missing (knocking on wood that they never do). Love it!!

    • cate

      02. Jun, 2011

      Ashley thank you so much, we really hope that we are able to do this for more rescues and thanks again for your support we appreciate it so much!!

  5. Lori @ According to Gus

    02. Jun, 2011

    Wonderful program and a wonderful tag!