Adopt a Cat Month

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I just wanted to remind everyone that  June is Adopt a Cat Month (I don’t think you needed reminding). It’s that time of year when shelters are overflowing with cats and kittens needing forever homes. We managed to get a big sack of fresh catnip from a friend yesterday, and today, dropping it off at the local shelter was almost too hard to bare. Seeing the cute little faces reminded me how frightened and alone my poor little Milly was when we found her. Everyone was cooing over the sweet little kittens that day, but no one wanted to take on such a fearful and troubled cat… winding that story forward – OMG, that scared little kitty is the mischievous daredevil in the house! We’ve had Milly for 6 years now and each year has she become more and more happy and comfortable with us. Her character is amazing and, thanks to Poppet who snuggles and plays with her constantly, she’s the happiest cat you will ever meet.Unfortunately, not so good for Poppet who gets ‘roughed up’ when Milly gets too boisterous. Anyway, regular readers have heard about Milly’s plight forever and a day not only here, but on other blogs too! So, the big point I want to make is everyone’s heart needs a cat – and if there’s room in your life for one, you’ll find that two are even more fun. Also the company, the love and the companionship they give to each other is so necessary. If you have a cat already it’s so worth considering another and if you have no cats getting two at the same time is a very good idea! There’s no better time than right now with so many animals needing a home and if I could know that this article resulted in just one person deciding to go and find their own Milly and Poppet I would be completely proud of myself.

The American Humane Association has a Top Ten checklist for adopting a cat so be sure to check it out before going ahead.

I read about this blog hop on Afurmation which I found via I still want more puppies and decided to join in, but when I started checking out all the rescues it was impossible to pick out any special kitties to feature – instead I pinned just a few of them to my Adorable Adoptables board on Pinterest and created a small gallery of extreme cuteness…just to get you thinking. Each and every one of them is unique, every single one of them could adopt you and become a friend in more ways than you can imagine. If you can, please consider giving them a second chance and a home where they can live, love and be loved.

Here’s a snap shot of just a few, but each one has a link where you can find them and many more and hey it’s not just June you can do this anytime :)

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5 Responses to “Adopt a Cat Month”

  1. Krazy4pets

    28. Jun, 2011

    I wasn’t a cat person but I started to see more and more cats that act like dogs and so they are affectionate. I think, they’re kind of cute.

  2. Marg

    28. Jun, 2011

    That is one of the best write ups I have seen about adopting cats. I love how you put it will do your heart so much good to own a cat and that is so darn true. I wish I could take more in but there are 17 here now and we just can’t fit anyone else in here. Glad I came to visit. We will be back.

    • cate

      28. Jun, 2011

      Seventeen oh wow! That is amazing Marg and how wonderful- it must be great over at your place :) Thanks for you kind comments BTW really appreciate it!

  3. Pup Fan

    28. Jun, 2011

    Great idea! I like your idea of making a gallery of adorable adoptables. :)

  4. michelle

    28. Jun, 2011

    This is such a great idea. I think I’m going to try fostering a rescue cat to see how it goes.